Building dreams

Krisma Constructions has been designing and building family homes since 1983, becoming a leader in premium home construction. We understand that building a new home can be complex and stressful process; which demands a high degree of efficiency, and of course perfection.

Our team of salespeople, customer service, administration staff, architects, engineers, interior decorators, are highly experienced to make the process of building your dream home enjoyable and fun whilst attaining the high standard of excellence.

Whilst the design and styles of our various homes differs greatly, the common thread throughout the selection is quality, craftsmanship and attention to details, with a sense of fun with form, design and colour.

Awards Achievements

  1. Masters Builders Association of Victoria: Winner
  2. The Age Pictorial People's Choice Awards: Winner
  3. HIA of Victoria: Winner
  4. MBA Finalist Runner up
  5. MBA finalist
  6. HIA Finalist
  7. Australian Achievers Awards: Winner
Excellence in Building

Krisma Constructions has earned its reputation of design and building excellence from a foundation of unrivalled personal attention to client's requirements and attention to quality construction details. Krisma Constructions is committed, to each building project, this ensures your home is unique through innovative design, meticulous construction management and craftsmanship, customised to reflect your individual flair and lifestyle.